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Optima Office has a team of amazing Accounting Specialists and Financial Experts who are ready to jump right in. Optima’s accounting services allow our clients to have peace of mind knowing that everything in their accounting department is being handled by seasoned professionals.

The way that we approach a new client is by first determining their needs and what they want out of their reporting and accounting department versus what they are currently receiving. We then create a personalized team of specialists, from the Bookkeeping or Staff Accountant Role all the way to the CFO position. We take careful consideration in selecting the right combination of team members who have expertise in our client’s various industries and whom are familiar with the software at the organization. Our approach is not a one size fits all and we believe that every company is unique.

We provide Outsourced Accounting, Strategic Advisory Services, Part-Time Controller & Human Resource Services for growing businesses.

Outsourced Accounting Team

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Outsourced HR Team

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