Hi California Employers.  Here’s a short checklist to make sure you are aware of the latest HR guidelines for 2022.

Minimum wage increases effective 1/1/2022


California mandate for employers with 5 or more employees, who don’t already sponsor a retirement plan for their employees, takes effect 6/30/2022- CalSavers.


Recommend that employers recheck their exempt/non-exempt employee classification to ensure compliance with FLSA. 

Employers who misclassify their workers due to not understanding the guidelines or to avoid having to pay overtime are opening themselves up to potential claims for unpaid wages, interest, damages, and attorney’s fees.

IRS Mileage reimbursement rate is 58.50 cents per mile

It is not a requirement to reimburse your employees this rate for work-related mileage however this is the maximum that employers can reimburse without the employees having to pay tax on that income.

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