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Why Optima

We can provide a team of experienced staff at each organizational level for less than the cost of hiring full time employees. Our client-focused staff handles the smallest case-loads in our business. We carefully craft solutions for each client situation based upon their unique business needs.

Our Services

Outsourced Accounting

Optima Office fills the gaps in your accounting department, either by providing complete strategic accounting outsource solutions, or by integrating with your internal accounting staff.

Accounting Services

Outsourced HR

Our team of HR leaders and specialists provide deep expertise in areas such as benefits and compensation, payroll, employment law, employee relations, workers comp., and more. Optima can provide a complete team at a fraction of the cost of internal hiring.

HR Services

Fractional CFOs and Controllers

Our high-level team is the best-in-class. We take an enormous amount of time and effort to hire an exceptionally talented outsourced financial controller. From internal testing to behavioral and IQ assessments, we ensure our clients are in great hands.

CFOs & Controllers


Team Approach

Our fractional approach allows us to deliver an entire team with right skills, and for the same investment that you might spend on a single dedicated staff member.

Personalized / Customized Solutions

Right person, right experience, right chemistry. We believe in providing staff with both (i) the right level of experience and skills, AND (ii) the right personality fit.

Competency, Diversity, and Tenure

We recruit “A” players, who know how to meld into our client(s) culture and workforce. Our culture supports diversity, work-life balance, and continual improvement.

Scalable Solutions

Our bench is deep, whether at the specialist, managerial or executive level. As your needs change, you can easily scale-up or scale-down the level of staff and expertise required over time.

Let's Schedule a Meeting

Please send us a message, tell us a little about your company, and we will be happy to setup a meeting and see how we can help!

    We believe that behind every successful
    business is an “Optimal” accounting and HR team.

    About Optima